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I am a mother to five amazing boys! I am passionate about families and relationships, healthy lifestyles, life-long learning, and self-exploration.

While my children are with me nearly 24/7, I know fully well the feelings of loneliness, isolation, an self-doubt that can creep up on many mothers of young children. This is a tough gig!!  What I want is to encourage and empower other mothers who, like me, may be in the trenches of life with small children. It is a crazy, exciting, exhausting stage of life that can feel like a lifetime and then be gone in the blink of an eye. There are days you will want to scream and pull your hair out and other days when you tear up at the sweet moments shared with your child, knowing that soon these days will be nothing but a fond memory.

I have asked several mothers how they got through the years they spent with several small children in the home. They always tell me that they aren’t really sure, “it is all sort of a blur!”  My hope here is to not only capture those blurry moments so that I can preserve them, but also to build a place of support for other mothers in this hazy stage.  The messy stage of life where you desperately need to connect with other women, but the idea of putting on clean clothes and packing up all the kids is just too much to deal with. I get it. I am right here with you.

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. Also, be sure to sign up for my email list so that my posts can be send directly to your inbox. One less thing for Mom to keep track of. You can’t beat that!

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