Diet Adaptations

Diet Adaptations

It is often said that the best workout program for you is the one you will actually do!  Meaning, it doesn’t matter how well that weight lifting program worked for those other people or how much weight so-and-so lost doing Zumba. If it isn’t something you enjoy and something you will stick out, then it will never work for you.  The same needs to be said about your diet!

In the past several years, I have learned a lot about the relationship between your diet and your mental health or feelings of overall well-being.  I found it really helpful to gain a better understanding of how to analyze my food choices, what macronutrients are and how to calculate them, and what ratios of macronutrients I should strive for in my regular diet.

Learning Curve

In the beginning, I was spending tons of money and countless hours in my kitchen trying to meal plan and prep.  Then my friend introduced me to the colored-coded containers (most often associated with the 21 day fix) which made it super quick and easy for me to stay on track. Before long, I didn’t need to rely on the containers and I felt like I had a good grasp on my eating habits. I completed a 60 day fitness program while eating that way and I had amazing results!

I was so pumped about it, that I was ready to jump into a more advanced program and go at it full force….but then something changed. I kept falling off the wagon. My confidence was getting shaky, my waistline was expanding, and my overall feelings of well-being were dissipating. I felt like a failure; like maybe my previous results were a fluke.

I considered giving up on the program and going back to the previous one, but something in me knew I would regret not sticking this one out. So, I kept pressing forward as best I could, until one day I realized the issue! We always say that our results are 80% from diet and only 20% from our workout program. So, the solution became very clear!

Old/New Diet Plan

Starting this week, I have gone back to the container system. It wasn’t an easy decision. There was a part of me wanting to stick out the eating program as outlined in my current program. I am the type that likes to do things to the letter! Plus, I questioned how I could recommend this program to anyone if I couldn’t make the eating plan work for me….

…but what’s more important? Struggling through the plan as outlined, or adapting it to suit how I will actually eat? I am still following the same basic guidelines in terms of macro intake, but I am approaching it differently.  So, while I guess I can’t say that I can help anyone get results by following that particular program to the letter; I CAN say that I can work with them to find ways to help them achieve success. Adaptations are not the enemy when the goal is progression over perfection.

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