Put your goals out there

Put your goals out there

Experts say that if you want to reach your goals, you need to write them down. There is something about putting your goals in writing that makes you more inclined to achieve them. Possibly because you are more inclined to believe in them when you see them in writing. But to take it a step beyond that, you should share your goal with someone else who can help hold you accountable.


So, here it is! I just purchased my tickets for Beachbody Summit 2017 in New Orleans!! I have NEVER been to New Orleans and I HATE travelling without my kids, so it is going to be a stretch for me. It will be scary and outside my comfort zone to get on that plane, fly across the country, and spend all that time with a BUNCH of strangers. Being the introvert that I am, sharing a hotel with  random people is not my idea of a good time. However, I know from past experiences that following through with it will help me grow leaps and bounds faster than anything I can do for, for myself or my business.

So, I bought the tickets. I am committed to that. Sharing that is the easier part of all of this. The rest of it is that… I am setting the goal of being a Star Diamond by the time I get on that plane next July!! While I realize that this title may not mean anything to a lot of people, I am certain that most people understand enough about network marketing to know that there are levels and ranks to achieve. What only one other person in my life knows right now is that yesterday I DROPPED rank! For the first time in my Beachbody career, I have dropped rank ALL THE WAY back to square ONE! Yep….So, my goal isn’t to regain my lost rank, or even to achieve the one just beyond that. Star Diamond is quite a ways past my latest rank and certainly beyond where I am sitting now…but it is where I will be sitting in a year!

As we teach people in our accountability groups, you HAVE to be willing to put yourself out there! Lately, I have become really good at encouraging other people to put themselves out there. I have encouraged people to be who they are. Claim their strengths. Ignore the naysayers. All sorts of stuff!! And it is GOOD STUFF!! But the more I was helping other people to see the value in themselves or in connecting with groups of others, I was slowly and silently retreating into anxiety, uncertainty, and self-doubt. The more people told me that they were motivated or inspired by me, the more pressure I put on myself to be perfect. To be WORTHY of such statements. I started to hold myself back because I hadn’t gotten things perfect enough. Making a post? Running a group? Reaching out to someone new? I completely stopped all of the things that were motivating and inspiring others in the first place, for fear that I wasn’t doing them well enough!! Who is motivated by me NOT taking action and NOT putting myself out there?? Not a single person, including myself.

So, while a part of me knows that this is a sloppy post. I could do it SO much better. I am just going to post it for today. I am going to let myself be seen, without heavy editing, and without striving for perfection. After all, I am Striving For Growth!! I NEED to remember that nobody gains anything when I let fear win. People need to see other people Striving!! Failing…..Succeeding….We are all Striving. ┬áSo here I go!

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